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#2: Why bother sinking wood ?

There is a really good reason to store wood (and other waste plants) in the deep ocean.  

Wood is mostly made of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  Less than 2% of a plant is made of soil minerals. 

So, a plant is a free and efficient CO2 collector.  

We use many parts of plants, but some parts are not useful and are thrown away in landfills, burned or left to decay. Due to global warming, more and more waste plants are available. Ocean storage of this waste material will prevent that much CO2 from being returned to the atmosphere.

The ocean already stores a vast amount of carbon dioxide- 135 Trillion tonnes!  It is safe to add any extra CO2 from the atmosphere into the deep ocean, where it will be safely stored. Plants have been flowing to the ocean for millions of years, so plant material is a natural part of the ocean.  A single large storm can transport millions of tons of plant biomass into the ocean.

For more detailed science and the potential effectiveness of the method, please read our BioSink Whitepaper.